We have a wide variety of creators working with us during each semester. Take a closer look at our senior creators and see what they have to offer! You can find some of our past creators here!



Tucker is a senior Graphic Design Major. He is excited to use his major in order to work on dynamic designs for real-life clients. His goal is to be able to bring a fresh, creative mind to the sports industry.  When he isn’t working, you can find him watching the Celtics or hitting the slopes on his snowboard. 


Hanna is senior Communication and Media Studies major with a focus in professional communication with a minor in Marketing. She loves cooking and being around my friends and family. After graduation, Hanna plans to pursue a career in social media marketing of some sort, and hopefully make it to a management position eventually!


Tessa is pursuing her second bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. Her passion for visual and graphic art stems from her love and admiration of cinema and photography, to which she utilizes her own photography and art into her designs. Tessa speaks Italian, German, and French and is an award-winning, published photographer.


Madeline is a senior Marketing major with a Professional Sales Certificate at Plymouth State University. Her hobbies at school are being apart of the sales program and skiing! After graduation, Madeline has accepted a job to work for Georgia Pacific in Atlanta, Georgia.


Izabelle is a senior Graphic Design major. She is most interested in brand design but enjoys web design as well. Izabelle enjoys skiing, hiking, and spending time with friends and family. 


Hannah is a senior Marketing major with a minor in digital media design and development. After college, she intends to go back to school for video production and then go on to work for a media company like BuzzFeed or Vice.


Emily is a senior Graphic Design major. Her hobbies are snowboarding, kayaking, and hanging out with friends and family. After graduation, Emily plans to find a job with something to do with the degree that she just earned.  


Tim is a senior Strategic Marketing Major. After graduation in May, he is going to pursue a career in sales, likely in the healthcare recruiting space. He’s been working with Owl’s Nest Resort this semester on their development of a more snowmobiler-inclusive place


Sierra is a senior working towards her BFA in Graphic Design. She joined this class because she saw that she need an internship requirement. Unsure of what she wanted to do for an internship, Pamela Anneser suggested that she take this class as a way to gain some great experience. A fun fact about her is that she has 4 dogs!


Lauren is a Graphic Design major at Plymouth State. She is currently the President of the Plymouth Activities Council for Students (PACs), as well as the Lead Graphic Designer for the Office of Student Life here on campus.


Armando is a senior Professional sales & Marketing major. Armando is part of the Plymouth State Mountain bike club and a student athlete at Plymouth State. Following college, Armando plans to work in sales with sights set on the ski industry.


Yadhav is a senior Graphic Design major at Plymouth State University. He is also a student photographer at PSU and he enjoys playing music, specifically guitar, and creating music.


Inna is a Senior Graphic Design major with a minor in Marketing. She chose graphic design as her career because of its versatility, as each project is unique and never appears to be the same. Graphic design helps Inna to express her creativity on a regular basis. However, marketing intake enables her to understand product promotion as well as how brands use graphic design to gain visibility and increase sales. After graduation Inna intends to work in an advertising or branding agency.


Dante is a senior Marketing major with a concentration in Professional Sales. In her spare time, she loves skiing in the winter and swimming in the summer.




George is an Associate Professor of Marketing at PSU, teaching classes in digital marketing, marketing strategy, consumer behavior as well as introductory courses. George received his PhD from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, his MBA from the University of Connecticut and is BA from Cornell University.

Before becoming a professor, George worked for almost two decades in various marketing roles in industry, from intro level to management positions. George also regularly publishes articles in marketing journals and recently published a book exploring consumers’ interactions with robotic technology.


Denise is a Senior Teaching Faculty in organizational and strategic communication. Prior to teaching at PSU, she taught at Bridgewater State University focused on public relations, strategic writing, and other communication areas. She has a Master’s Degree in public relations and management communication from Emerson College and a Bachelor’s Degree in communication from Bridgewater State University. She chairs PSU’s faculty fundraising committee for student scholarships and enjoys providing service to the University and beyond. 

Prior to turning to academia, she worked in Boston in the areas of corporate communications, management, public relations, and marketing for both non-profit and for-profit organizations. Denise enjoys hiking, nature, animals, the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox. She keeps busy with her husband, two boys, three dogs, and one turtle.


Pam is a Professor of Art specializing in graphic design. Pam received her MFA from Yale University and her BFA from the University of Hartford, Hartford Art School. 

Prior to teaching at PSU Pam taught at Central Connecticut State University. Before teaching Pam worked for 15 years as a lead designer at various design studios in Connecticut and still runs her own firm Noko Design Studio. Pam explores printmaking and photography when not working and her work has been exhibited internationally.